3C- Culture, Creativity, Change- Agenda for Creative Cities

A new development paradigm is emerging in the contemporary world that links the economy and culture, embracing economic, cultural, technological and social aspects of development at both the macro and micro levels. As a country, and as individuals, we need to be able to make the most of the economic and social opportunities that creativity and culture offer.
The project will help the creation of favorable conditions for creativity to florish and underpin the entire social and economic development of three post-industrial cities in the North Central Bulgarian region.
It addresses the needs to:
  • outline the impact of arts and culture-based creativity in terms of developing the creative capital of individuals, organizations, communities.
  • free, stimulate and develop creativity and creative thinking of the society.
  • draw the attention to the creative capital and creative industries as a key driving force for economic development.
  • stimulate participatory governance.
  • post-industrial cities to develop as creative cities.
The project will be instrumental in the following main interventions:
  • Participatory Cultural Policy-making
  •  Compiling and Sharing research results and cultural mapping outcomes
  • Launching a Project Fund for Pilot projects
  • Giving rise to local Creative clusters and Networking
  • Capacity building
  •  Communication and dissemination of results and findings.
Explicitly recognizing culture as an element of economic and social cohesion and development, the project aspires to extensively advocate for a new relationship between culture, economy, policies and citizenship.
 Together we develop the Agenda for Creative Cities.
The project is implemented in partnership with KaosPilots Switzerland.
The project is realized with the financial support of the Swiss Confederation through Partnership Fund of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme.
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