Crafts training as a second chance – Chance it !

Pano-v2kor* The Project is financed in the framework of NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009 – 2014


The project aims at creating of conceptual, methodological and planning conditions of introduction of the dual system of crafts (apprenticeship) training as part of lifelong learning and key to fighting youth unemployment and ensuring social inclusion and equal opportunities.
The partnership with Norwegian and EU organizations creates a platform for sharing best practices, experiences and recommendations for the effective implementation of project activities such as models of the dual system; research of successful socio-economic models, applying crafts training – e.g. Second chance schools, etc. It encourages the expansion of partnership networks for future activities. Created as a result of research and analysis Guidelines for piloting of crafts training in the region of Troyan, Gabrovo, Tryavna, Lovetch, (rich in cultural-historic heritage and traditions) offers an innovative model of “second chance” for vocational training and reintegration of socially disadvantaged young people.
Extensive advocacy and awareness campaign among the public seeks for public and political support for accelerating the process of social inclusion of vulnerable groups.
The Forum process – wide public discussion process involving all stakeholders – improves the capacity of civil society and institutions in: Participation in the consultative processes; Develop common positions; Coordination of policies.
Target groups: Decision makers; Public administrations; Concerned institutions; Organizations in the social and educational fields; Socially disadvantaged young people; Craft enterprises.
EUROMASC – European Masters of Skilled Crafts, Norway
Regional Chamber of Skilled Crafts – Lovetch
National School of Applied Arts “Tryavna School”

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