Crafts & Design European Network

Crafts Design Talks - Invitation 2016The project is funded by the NGO program in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area (EEA) Grants
The aim of the project is to explore the potential and expected benefits of creating at European level a network of skilled masters and designers, including organizations that represent the craft and design sector. This is an opportunity for promoting European cultural heritage and design in Europe and beyond. It would be a showroom, meeting place, an arena for exchange of skills and knowledge and will present a possibility of further cooperation and inspiration.
Traditional arts and crafts are an integral part of national heritage and present the uniqueness of every national culture. They are still in high renown among the local population in many countries. They stand for authenticity, skill and tradition. Their new identity is justified by regarding them as bearers of the “democratic line of contemporary development” and as capable of reinventing modernity.
Through crafts, the designers connect with the natural world and the collective past. Often the design innovation results from a fusion of traditional craft skills and modern technologies. The design is considered a cross-functional and collaborative innovation and a fundamental ingredient in business competitiveness. As innovation driver, the design creates new contexts and defines new development agendas.
Our working thesis is that the synergy between traditional crafts and contemporary design is a means of tapping the full potential of art and crafts, breathing new life into the material world and human to human relations.
The project will investigate the cultural potential of the traditional arts and crafts in Bulgaria and the changing relationship between crafts and design.
The project will end with an international event which will to invite craftsmen, designers, researchers, cultural managersand other interested parties from Europe to share their successful design projects and successful crafts and design collaboration initiatives and discuss the relevance and benefits of future Crafts and Design network at European level.
Crafts Design Talks 2016
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