About us

At the end of 2005 “The fabriC” Association applied to the Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe and Ukraine with a cooperation project for establishment of a Regional Cultural Resource Centre (Region of North Central Bulgaria). The project has been developed on the basis of Mapping of Cultural Organizations in North Central Bulgaria and Their Needs carried out by “The fabriC” association in September 2005. The aim of the activity was to collect data and analyze needs of cultural organizations and independent artists from five cities in the region – Lovetch, Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Sevlievo and Gabrovo. The information collected has been used to define Center’s mission and activities.
The Project has been approved for three-year period of implementation. It aims to boost social and cultural development in the region of North Central Bulgaria by strengthening professional competencies of independent artists and institutional capacity of cultural organizations while establishing partnership among them and other stakeholders in the region.

Mission, Vision, Goals

The Mission of the Center is to support and encourage cultural organizations and professional artists in North Central of Bulgaria, to adopt innovative approaches in their work and further development in addressing new challenges. The center also assists cultural organizations and artists in building cultural networks within the region for an active dialogue and know-how transfer. Contemporary approaches are introduced to create and develop audiences while facilitating communication and understanding among artist, cultural product and its public.

The goal is to ensure favorable conditions for creation and promotion of quality cultural projects and products thus diversifying and energizing the cultural life in the region with a long term perspective.

The newly established Regional Cultural Resource Centre should become an important instrument for strengthening independent cultural organizations and artists in the North Central Region of Bulgaria helping them enjoy a better quality of life.

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